July 14, 2021

Actor, Comedian, and Author, Caramel Lucas joins the show!

Caramel Lucas is a comedian, actor and author. Her novel, 'In Love with the Other Man,' was even made into a motion picture! Hear her and the nerd get candid on many topics and have an all around great conversation. Very funny and entertaining. Find everything Caramel Lucas at the links below.



IG: @mscaramellucas

Twitter: Ms__Caramel 

Facebook: Caramel Lucas 

LinkedIn: Caramel Lucas 

Twitter: @voicesofmisery

mewe: @voicesofmisery

Parler: voices of misery

Gmail: voicesofmiserypodcast@gmail.com

Instagram: voicesofmiserypodcast

Discord server: voices of misery podcast


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