March 28, 2022

Author of the memoir, ’Chasing Bin Laden: My hunt for the World’s most Notorious Terrorist’ Barbara Janik joins the show!

Today we have a great show for you, the writer of the hit memoir 'Chasing Bin Laden: My hunt for the World's most Notorious Terrorist' Barbara Janik! We discuss the trials and tribulations leading up to the book and cover the countless number of hours and the tolls it took on her personally as she crossed the T's and dotted the I's leading up to the tip that she provided that lead to the arrest of Bin Laden in Brooklyn Ny! True crime lovers will appreciate this one as it is very detailed and includes never before heard or told stories that the media did not release to the public. Check out the book and Barbaras website below!

Social media - Twitter - @barbarakjanik

Buy the book below on Amazon (or any other outlet you prefer) 

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